We specialise in effective volunteering and peer support during the key life change of pregnancy, birth and becoming a parent.

Pregnancy, birth and becoming a parent is a life changing experience. A happy and responsive parent means a baby’s development will flourish. Every parent deserves support and every baby deserves the best possible start in life.

Peer support has a unique and valuable contribution to make to mothers, fathers, babies, families and communities.

The approaches we use are based on clear and strong evidence of what works across the UK and other countries too.

The benefits can be life changing for both the volunteers and the parents they support:
  • Mothers and fathers build their confidence, feel supported, prepare for changes ahead, and feel less stressed;

  • Improved wellbeing of parents means healthier pregnancies, less complicated births and healthier babies;

  • Parents get to know what services are available to them and volunteers help them to benefit from them;

  • Volunteers gain satisfaction from ‘giving’ to their community. They make new friends, improve their confidence, develop new skills and gain pathways to employment.