Pregnancy Pals offer one-to-one visits by meeting you in your home or somewhere of your choice in the community.

Some Pregnancy Pals also offer Birth Buddy support which means being by your side during labour and birth to give you physical and emotional support.

They also meet mums and dads-to-be in antenatal clinics.

They can:

  • Share lots of useful information about pregnancy, birth and becoming a parent;

  • Help you to access local services that may be useful to you; and

  • Introduce you to other mums or dads in your local area.

One-to-one visits

Your Pregnancy Pal can meet with you on a weekly or fortnightly basis for an hour or two. This is agreed between you and can be in your home or somewhere else of your choice in the community. Sometimes it can be going with you to an antenatal or GP appointment or to introduce you to a local group or activity.

The visits are friendly and informal and your Pregnancy Pal can share lots of useful information with you. Most of all she is there to listen and not judge - it can be good to chat through how you are feeling.

You choose what’s important and helpful to you. As long as the visits are useful to you, they can continue for 3 to 6 months after you have had your baby.