We welcome referrals of expectant mothers and fathers who live in the following areas:

  • Basildon;

  • Billericay;

  • Wickford;

  • Thurrock and; 

  • Canvey Island.

How to refer:

  • Online (secure): Online referral form (Please select 'I am a professional referring a parent' from the drop down menu) or;

  • By telephone: 01268 525 758.

Expectant parents can also self-refer


  • Refer as early as possible during the pregnancy; 

  • Consent must be given prior to referral;

  • Inform us if you are aware of a potential risk to a volunteer;

  • We are not a crisis service - we focus on a tier 2 level of need (sometimes tier 3 depending on individual circumstances);

  • If you think an expectant mother might benefit, simply suggest that she meets us first before deciding – it’s less daunting.

Expectant mothers and fathers may particularly benefit if they:

  • Are first time parents;

  • Are feeling isolated;

  • Are facing language or cultural barriers;

  • Have low emotional wellbeing or have previously suffered postnatal depression;

  • Have a disability or medical condition that may impact on early family life;

  • Had a previous traumatic birth, still birth, neonatal death or sudden infant death;

  • Are facing housing or homeless issues;

  • Are expecting a multiple birth.

How we will respond to your referral:

  • We will try to make contact with the expectant parent within 1 week of receiving your referral to agree a convenient time to make an informal visit (usually in their home);

  • If the expectant parent decides it is for them, and if a Pregnancy Pal is available, we will make a suitable match and organise a first meeting;

  • We will give you feedback about the outcome of your referral.

If you would like to talk through the suitability of a referral do contact us.