Non-Executive Director

Charlotte has a passion for working with people to create a learning space within which complex challenges are addressed. She has worked with a number of voluntary and public sector organisations, with a particular interest in facilitating strategic support and using action research as a tool to bring about culture change.As well as working to develop an understanding of the organisation’s social impact and social value.

Charlotte, has worked with NHS and Local Government to explore and develop partnerships that work, including on the current national Building Health Partnerships programme. 

"I first joined up with the Parents 1st team as part of the Big Lottery Volunteering Evidence Review a couple of years ago in my role as a research associate at the Institute of Voluntary Action Research (IVAR). As well as undertaking part of the reviewing I facilitated some events with the A Better Start areas.

It was great to be part of such an inspiring team and to get some insights into the work the Parents 1st team do to support babies and their families. IVAR had described Parents 1st to me as ‘an organisation punching above its weight’ (in a good way) and since that time I have had the opportunity to work with Celia and other Board members to develop some of the emerging business opportunities coming up in the field of family support.

But most of all, I was pleased to become a Board member because after listening and learning about all the reasons why programmes like Community Parents work, I now get it. And, as a result, I want to help others get it too (and especially to invest in it) and show how this model could change the face of services for vulnerable families UK-wide."